urban design

the quality of the environment, built or natural, has a significant impact on our lives; the studio believes that delivering high quality of urban design in the public realm, delivers increased community appreciation. As major infrastructure is a public investment, suitable responses are carefully balanced between affordability, delight and quality.  Dialogue and community consent are integral aspects of the integrity of the process and design.


Bobbin Head and Apple Tree Bay Masterplan 2006, Kuringai National Park for NPWS

Colin was Associate Director and Associate for CM+ leading the Bobbin Head and Apple Tree Bay Masterplan 2006 for National Parks and Wildlife Services. The project won National Trust and AILA Merit Awards.

The master planning included novel integration of the Conservation Management Plan, Landscape Management Plans and the Recreational and Social Plan into one single vision for the sustainable future of the parkland within the natural setting.


Confidential road project at an airport

This confidential project comprised an REF for an airport road system. The project was completed in 2012/13 in a short space to time for a very complex set of conditions, including multiple land ownership, multiple transport interfaces and agency requirements. As an entrance area to a major airport, it was considered important to create a strong sense of place and welcoming – and high quality urban design responses to a major city.