Colin Polwarth


Colin polwarth is a Registered Architect with over 25 years experience in the design and management of a wide variety of projects. He is Director of Studio Colin Polwarth which specialises in architecture, infrastructure design, urban design, masterplanning and transdisciplinary expertise in art.

Colin polwarth is known for the many award winning projects he was lead designer for while employed at CM+ including: Westlink M7 which has won various local and international awards, including the Bradfield Award; Bobbin Head and Apple Tree Bay Masterplan, winner of National Trust and AILA Merit Awards; Glebe Point Road, winner of a municipal award; and the Brunswick to Yelgun Upgrade of the Pacific Highway, winner of PIA and AILA awards by HBO+EMTB.

Colin won a number of University of Natal best student awards, the Oppenheimer Prize, Institute of Steel Design Award SA and was an award recipient of the Ernest Oppenheimer Memorial Trust and Centre for Science Development SA.

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