drawing & painting


colpol’s transdisciplinary practice focuses on the nexus between urban design, architecture and art. Colin has a deep interest the relationship that exists between semiotics and the landscape.

Colin is researching symbols that have a spiritual or emotional content within the realm of secular symbolism. Contemporary society depends on symbols for its safe functioning. colpol has an intimate involvement with human interaction between symbols, legibility, movement, urban fabric and the environment through his work as an architect. colpol’s art practise interrogates this relationship in a new light hearted and ambiguous manner.

The artist explores the structural and aesthetic form; seeking out the qualities that make each symbol enduring, and reinvents them with a new materiality, a personal aesthetic arises from an intimate and restrained interference with the symbol as an artefact.

No longer the exclusive territory of the real world his works in symbols have a new materiality and humanity, an acknowledgement of their form, yet a departure from the constrictions of necessity and divorced from the ‘photorealism of life’ into another form of abstraction.

This is a personal exploration into the essence of modern contemporary artistic endeavour, an acknowledgement of the past, a review of nationalistic tendencies, and a uniquely Australian way of perceiving symbols in the landscape.

The works on display on the website reveal advanced studies in colour, form and scribble as an introduction of his wider practice.